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I found your amazing work on twitter and suggestion by minotaur hotel. Gotta say, It was three amazing stories and hope there will be more in the future!


For some reason when I download it on my Android it won't open the packet. It normally asks to install but doesn't


It's not an application to install. It is webside game. 


Good job, the format of several bite-size stories with some limited choices works well. 

There's some minor stretching issues on the selection screen for me, might be an issue with the andrid browser?

I also see there's a drawing of the unicorn on this page, but it doesnt show ingame for me. Also an andrid bug, or is it not in-game?

Hello, thank you for giving the game a try! The unicorn cover/banner at the very beginning has been turned off on mobile, that's why it won't show up. The reason being I couldn't make it appear without breaking the formatting or having the character decently visible.

As for the stretching issues, do you mind sending a screencap? I'm working on some improvements for mobile at the moment, dealing with that would be good.

Thanks again.


Another super minor nitpick - A chapter in the selection screen seems to be called "meeting an unicorn", where 'an' should be 'a'.


Hey, good work with the stories. Only had time to give the first two a quick look, but I did find a few mistakes. I'll leave them down below for you to check on your own time:

Dugeon of the accursed sword (pure route)

page 2  "But that's **excatly** when you see it."<-- should be exactly

page 3 In **antecipation**, your tongue plays with your short snout. No use standing around. This is the victor's spoils.<--should be anticipation

page 6 "I warned*,* you, young tapir." <--I think that comma I highlighted is unnecessary-

last page broken image <-- now, this one may be a thing with my own browser, but just in case it isn't, I'm pointing it out. 

I'll let you know if I find anything else. This is a good start though, keep it up.


Thank you! All fixed. The broken image was a syntax problem with the downloadable version. The changes will be applied in v1.1.